Feb. 16th, 2005 04:38 pm
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Somebody downloaded my vid! Yay! I'm quite happy. [livejournal.com profile] paraka was making me worry that nobody would want it. So thanks to [livejournal.com profile] mrkinch .

On that note I really like my vid. Gonna work on other one soon, but it's probably going to be Yami no Matsuei. All the pretty graphic in that show make me want to make a vid of it. (Plus its a shorter series, with my memory that can only work in my favour since I have so much trouble remember scenes and in what episode they happened).

Anyway this ends my post.


PS: Has anybody else noticed that I feel I have to tell the reading that my post is ending. It kind of annoys me. Maybe I should just start putting a big "The End" on the ends of my post. ^.^


                                      THE END!


Jan. 16th, 2005 02:23 am
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Just posting for the thrill of it. Have signed up on Fandom Aid, sounds intereting. I'm hoping to find somebody who will be willing to make a request of me. But I'll see what I can do.
Paraka talked me into joining. (Talks, hah, commanded, I'm so abused)
Anyway this is the post ending. Look at it ending. Ohhh, awwwww, so pretty.
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Ok this page is temporarily friends locked, not that anybody ever reads it, because I would actually have to write in it for people to do that. Anyways, if anybody comes accross this and actually wants to friend me go ahead, I'll friend you back, but again with the not knowing why you'd want to.
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Haha! Sara is going to have a recent post even if I have to hack into her account and write it for her!

Baby Stuff

Apr. 30th, 2004 01:04 am
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Oh figured I should just add this little note. My trip to Sudbury was for Lana. They did a Non-stress test on the baby. Everything is good and happy and things seem to be progressing well. Lana can't wait to get said baby out. It's getting really big.
She still is settled on the name Cage, the only thing that bugs her about it is that she can't find a meaning for it other than the obvious one. She has also mention Sky once as a possible name. So if you guys get really bored you can send me some nice names and their meanings and I'll pitch them to my sister. :-)


Apr. 30th, 2004 12:14 am
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Well, as I may have mentioned before in various places. I'm am stuck here in my no money phase till the end of May, however, I have enough cash to drive to a few places, so I might go down to Bowmanville with Katy (extra gas money) ^.^ plus I'd like to visit with her Aunt and Uncle a bit. My car doesn't need the extra kilometers but oh well. If I get down that way I might try to get over to visit with Lindsay and Andy.
Gah can't wait until the end of May. I also have to phone about taking my G2 exit test. I also have to try and sneak into town Sat before Mother's Day and get my mom some flowers. Hmm, not quite sure yet how I'm oing to do that without mom knowing. I'll probably pretend to go over to Kate's for oh.. three hours at the very least.
I've been dragging Kate jogging on the weekends. But I'm in better shape then her. (Sad, yes.) So, I'm not getting quite that much exercise. My dog isn't either. She's getting chubby. Or maybe that's all the fur. Not sure yet. We'll she in a month or so, when all the damn fur falls out.
I've spend my night planning out courses that I want to take for the rest of my university career, just cause I am bored and felt like planning.
I've talked t Lindsay alot. Andy not so much (mostly livejournal readings) and Natalie and Kristin not at all. *sigh*
I had more that I wanted to put in here. Let's see. Visited with Stef. She drives me crazy. Won't commit to anything, or voice her opinion on anything. Also, she never tells me whats going on in live. All she talks about is the books she had read, or what she is writing. It's kind of sad, cause she a great friend. I feel bad though telling her my stories cause she doesn't seem that interested. Meh, oh well. She just needs to get out more, I guess.
This Sat we're all going over to visit my older sister Cynthia. We're going to see her puppies. She also invited me over to go horseback riding when ever I want but it's been kind of cold lately. Plus, I'm kind of scared to show my face there without Inuyashas, my niece might kill me. Maybe I've I let her watch the first movie she be sated for a little while.
I'm finding this livejournal thing kind of freaky cause I write it like I'm talking to Andy and Lindsay (since they're the ones who reply the most), whic makes it feel wierd when I speak about them since I want to speak to them. Hmm.. ah well, no matter.
K, I'm getting tired of typing. And all this work has made me forgot everything that I was planning on saying. But I think I got most of it. However, I'm far to lazy to reread it, so any oddities are my fault and I don't care. :-)

Here goes.

Apr. 28th, 2004 03:09 pm
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Okay I think I've hit the point where I won't be jinxing it to say it.
I HAVE BABY FISH!!!! Yes! I did it. They are almost a week old. There are about 12 (12 is the most common count although I have counted 13 a few times). The proud parents are Malikate, and Clara (Mud if you ask Lindsay). So the babies will probably have reds fins. However, at this time they are so small it's hard to even see them. They're just tails with eyes.
I've been told that their getting bigger, but I've been watching them so much its hard to tell.
Anyway, the fish have been the high point of my time at home. Ohh, and I've talked to Lindsay on the phone a few times. We discribed our cooking escapades. I made a lemon loaf, everybody really liked it but I found it too sugary.
I was going to ty to make bread, but there was way to much stuff you had to do and I didn't think that I could find the right stuff to do it.
Anyway, haven't heard much from Andy, but that's cause Im a lazy poster, and never see her on MSN.
But back to my borig days, I'm going to sit on the counch and watch the animal shows with my mom. Currently it's about kangeroos.
Signing out.


Apr. 21st, 2004 10:18 pm
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Yes, I live!!!! And look I'm posting. And I do check my livejournal just not that often.
So now I'm home again, and I have done NOTHING! My boredom is so great it is sad. A good day has been one when I get dressed. :-(
Well, course that could be caused I can't go out cause I'm waiting for a phone call.
Anyway, life has been dull, but I hope everybody is having fun at home. Hey, Lindsay when do you start work?
I just woke up, like 10 minutes ago, which is kindof sad since it 1:30, but when you go to bed at 4:30 in the morning you really can be expected to get up early.
Hmmm... I seem to recall whating to say more then this but I'm feeling kind of lazy and sleepy still, so I'm done.
On a side note, I really hate dialup, its so much work to go online that I've only been on two oe three times since I've gotten home. *sigh* Evil dialup.
Looking back this is a sleepy depressing post, but still a real post. REAL! So noboady can complain. See look no stories or pictures, or eandom craziness. *sigh* This is what home does to me. Boredom, the boredom is eating my soul. Hope I get that phone call soon.
Now I have to connect to the internet and post. Seems like a lot of work so I'll do it later. ^.^

Okay, okay

Apr. 12th, 2004 11:01 am
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Sheesh, drop enough hints people. ^.^ So here I am posting. What have I got to say? Lots I'm sure if only I wasn't to lazy to post some I'm going to cluttering this post up and yet still post absolutely nothing.

Here goes--------

           The sun beat down. It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky and silence all around. Jak lay curled up on the smooth rock at the top of the Clan’s mountain. It was his favorite resting place, far above the normal busyness of the clan aviary, and always in the sun.

            Jak’s eyes were closed, and his head rested on his shoulder, the silver crest covering his face absorbed the burning rays, warming Jak all the way down to the bone. His dark blue scales glinted in the bright light, while the silver coating covering his spine, stomach and face, reflected the light back upwards. His wings were folded in against his sides, and his long sinuous neck was stretched out as Jak pillowed his head on his own body.

            Chest rising and falling with each shallow exhalation, Jak snoozed lightly. 

            Shadow covered him. Jak stifled a sigh, and opened one eye wide enough, to catch a glimpse of color: pale orange, and bright gold. The flapping of wings stopped as the other dragon settled on the small ledge. Jak closed his eye.

            “What do you want, Veraz?” Jak muttered to the younger dragon.

            “You’re in big trouble.” Veraz sang with glee. Jak’s head shot up, arching as he craned to look over at where Veraz was perched. The gold plated dragon’s black eyes glittered with the rosy tinge of glee. Veraz was still young enough to take pleasure in being the bearer of bad news, especially to those she wasn’t that fond of. Although, Jak had only shed his gold plates, and gained his silver a few Rotations back, he felt that he was above such petty amusements.

            Which was probably why Veraz took such pleasure in torturing him so, Jak ruefully admitted.

            “What did I do now?” Jak grumbled. The quicker he got rid of the little brat the sooner he could go back to relaxing.

            “Somebody’s late.” Veraz said cryptically. Her teeth glinted as her tongue flicked out, signaling her silent laughter. Jak growled.

            Then it hit him. Late. Oh flightless, he was late for his lessons with Gund!

            Jak lunged to his feet, his silver toenails scratching the hard stone. His wings unfurled like sails. Veraz squawked as she was knocked from her perch, tumbling a little before breathing deep, to get some gas to lighten herself, and using her wings to turn right side up. She glared up at Jak. “Watch it.” She hissed.

            But Jak wasn’t paying attention; he took a breath, and then launched himself from the cliff. Gund was going to maul him for being late. Using powerful muscle in his wings he angled downwards and to the north, going as fast as he could.

            Veraz watched him speed away, her own wings flapping slowly to keep her afloat. With a few strong strokes Veraz rose, and fluttered over to the cliff, landing softly. The stone was burning. With a happy sigh, Veraz settled, turning twice before curling up, in much the some way as Jak had. Within moments, she was napping.

--------There's something. And here's something pretty. Whhheeeeee!!!!!!!

 Seeeee!!! Look!!! Pretty!! (However, not mine. Jo-chan, see the link in the pic, not that it matters since only three people look at this livejournal.)

As I side note, it took alot of work to get this pic to work. I might have taken less time to just type stuff. Oh, well, who needs to study anyway.

This post is offically finished.


Mar. 30th, 2004 06:11 pm
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Here is my post. Look at it. Isn't it lovely. Awww such a cute little post. My beloved post, how I will treasure you. *tips hat to Lindsay* There!


Mar. 25th, 2004 12:20 am
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I have nothing to say cause even as I write this I realize I should be doing work. Arrgghhh, damn you

[livejournal.com profile] the_rock_andy  you are evil for making me work. And [livejournal.com profile] trieth, talk about your powers and orgies all you want they will never beat me and my powers. Your orgies just aren't effective enough.


Mar. 23rd, 2004 09:40 pm
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Yes it is I. The Great One. I have absolutely nothing to say because I have no life to speak of at this momment. *sigh* My wonderful pal paraka, needs to be beaten with a large stick for making me get this journal, but she is so sad that I was overcome with pity. On a side note, as a special gift to trieth, I would like to state that the seventh powers have joined me on this livejournal and will make it the best livejournal ever. Now that I have run out of anything remotely interesting to say I feel that I need to go crawling back into my dank dark hermit hole. Ciao!


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